At last we have our new website available!

We still have a lot of work to do, but we will take care of that little by little with the help of our users and development team. Hopefully it will be to your liking and fulfill your expectations.

A greeting community!

We are already on social networks! We are working to improve the communication and publicity of our project by reaching users through social networks. If you are interested in helping us, get in touch with us.

Yeahh! It’s official!

Our free version is now available, a project based on a fork of l2jserver emulator with our built-in engines and, above all, where we will be in continuous activity; repairing reported errors, adding new features and improvements.

Visit our project on GitLab –>

If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit us in our community.

If you already liked the initial version of this project, you can not imagine what awaits you!

The new version of our mods engine is now available! We have rewritten it completely in kotlin code, creating an engine where the only limit will be your imagination. It will no longer be necessary to modify your source to add or create all kinds of events, features, mods..

And if you do not believe it, you have our online mods store available to see all we have created for you. In addition, we have created tutorials and a mod theme so that you can learn to create your own mods.

For more information, visit our community!