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Up to SMF 2.0.15!


Community updated to SMF 2.0.15!

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* Fixed a minor $smcFunc bug in Search-Fulltext.php
* Fixed a saving Settings.php bools being reset bug
* Fixed a security issue (Reported by Daniel Le Gall from SCRT SA)
+ Cache the admin search results in the session and avoid IE's 2083 character limit.
* Fixed a Mark Board Read bug
* Fixed Proxy URLs not handling redirects properly due to case sensitivity
* Fixed SendTopic using incorrect Post data
* Fixed SSI.php having a bad login panel
* Fixed Maintenance Page having a double login button
* Fixed a minor unsigned int typo in MySQL DB
* Fixed Deprecated installer message for ftp_connection.
* Fixed a loop bug in custom search
* Fixed SM Stat collection
+ Added SM Stat collection registration to the Admin Control Panel
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Thx @Sacrifice2 ;)

You're welcome. A pleasure for me to be useful.


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