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[TODO] General Core Features
« en: 11 de Febrero de 2017, 09:24:54 pm »
List and development status in which it is currently.

Green ------- Feature that has already been tested and added.
Olive ----- Feature that has already been tested and added, but needs improvement.
Orange ----- Feature in development or partially done.
Red --------- Feature is not yet available.

General Features:

· Add Support for "If a character is too high above, they cannot unsummon their Wyvern".
· Reinforcing Knight Unit and Royal Unit feature.
· In H5 Debuffs bar is the Fifth row. Displays the debuffs your character is currently affected by Displays up to 12 debuffs.
· Add Support for TerritoryWarZone.
· You should be able to enable/disable TOGGLE skills while casting others skills.
· When you end a Clan War, you must get a 5·day penalty.
· Add Support to reload faenor xmls in game without restart.
· Unhardcode daily quest from
· Add Support for TaxZone.
· Add Support for SSQZone.
· Add Support for <set name="for_npc" val="true" /> on items (default false when is not present).
· GM restriction shouldn't be disabled by default, it should be configurable in options.
· if you talk with a npc and you try to move it says: You cannot move while speaking to an NPC. One moment please (System message id: 3226).
· Clan crest images should be deleted automatically from "crest" folder, if clan is deleted or not present in DB.
· (H5) Servitors of Necromancer, Soultaker, Warlock, Arcana Lord, Elemental Summoner, Elemental Master, Phantom Summoner, and Spectral Master now share their master's attack/defense elemental attributes.
· A user currently participating in the Olympiad cannot send party and friend invitations.
· In retail if you click far away to move and use sit option, character will run to the place you marked, then sit.
· When you are runing/walking in game and you use a self·buff skill, movement should be stopped completly.
· Add Support for "Since the Clan Reputation Score has dropped to 0 or lower, your clan skill(s) will be de·activated".
· Add Support for "Clan skills will now be activated since the clan's reputation score is 0 or higher."
· A sub·class may not be created or changed while a servitor or pet is summoned.
· A sub·class cannot be created or changed while you are over your weight limit.
· A sub·class cannot be created or changed because you have exceeded your inventory limit.
· Support for enchanted Items by default (needed for Improved NG weapons and probably some others items).
· Fix skillType MANA_BY_LEVEL.
· replace all hardcoded npc shouts with client sided strings.
· Add support for "when you are in a boat should be peace zone always".
· Grand Olympiad Enhancements (arenas have been changed to Instanced Zones).
· Nevit's System (Freya/H5).
· The Party/Channel Matching System (H5 Changes).
· Monsters automatically moves back if they wanders too far from his main position.
· Pets/Summons should be stored when character logout (With their buffs and lifetime and equipment).
· Freight system got reimplemented (for Dimensional Items only).
· Mail System (H5 Changes).
· Rework pet inventory (Inventory remains on pet after it is unsummoned. When the pet is summoned again, a weight/inventory check is performed to determine if items are added back to owners inventory or dropped on the ground.)
· Update castle, fort siege.
· Siegable Clan Halls (missing feature since C2).
· SkillType: CANCEL_ALL (Should cancel all buffs/debuffs).
· ZoneType: HqZone (Instead of NoHq ).
· Add UPNP support.
· Rates config quest add in quest java.
· Value config quest for range to mobs.
· Random Spawn.
· Mobs now use SS and BSS.


· Multi Threading updated.
· Thread Pool Manager updated.
· All npc spawn rework (XML retail spawn position).
· Skills rework and updated.
· Items rework and updated.
· Npc rework and updated.


· Authorization licence system.
· All project updated to java 17.
· Languaje System (Multi-Lang).
· Premium Account System.
· L2JEvents Engine.
· L2JMods Engine.

Other Features:

· Fisherman Manager System.
· Dimensional Merchant.
· Handy's Block Checker.
· Krateis cube.
· Aerial Cleft.
· Monster Parade.
· Underground Coliseum.
· Prime Shop System.
· Pc Points System.