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Changes in subscriptions!


Greetings community!

We have updated the conditions for all subscribers, we hope you like it:

- Premium rank in the community for life!

All users who already have or acquire the premium rank, will have support in our community forever; in addition to access to hidden sections of our community.

- Changes in subscriptions!

Purchase and renewal fees have been updated regarding access to private repositories for the desired project.

* L2JDevs Project Standard:
* Purchase price: 200€
* Renovation price: 150€
* L2JDevs Project Mighty:
* Purchase price: 2500€
* Renovation price: 1800€
* L2JDevs Project Geodata:
* Purchase price: 50€
* Renovation price: 35€
* L2JDevs License Key:
* Purchase price: 100€


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