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Activity, stability, adaptation, support, customizations, easy to set up and much more. But we'll explain!

With the high demand and the current inactivity of emulators in the market, we have taken the initiative and continue granting support, development and endless possibilities. We currently have a large team of professionals, in addition to a wide range of services. But what really highlight is the continued development of our projects.

Simply.. the most complete and efficient emulator of all time.
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Features of Project

These are some of our main features!

Emulator fully written in Java!

Project is written in pure Java with weekly fixes and updates for all own projects, emulator and engines.

Geodata Files and Engines

We have our own event engine (Athena Engine), a system of tools for customizations (L2JMods) and a personal geodata (L2JGeo).

Support Team Multilang

If you need help, we offer online services to solve all type of problems or query. Remote control, forum, teamspeak, ...

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Other Private Projects

Basic information about additional payment subscriptions.

Athena Engine
    A project that aims to create a general system events for all kind of Lineage II Java Servers; TvT, CTF, DM, ...

L2JMods Engine
    System of tools for the creation of custom of all type; events, states, effects, ai, handlers, commands, mods, ...

L2JGeo Files
    Geographic data development project. Every reported problem or bug will be fixed on our monthly updates!