• Open source for all!

    Enjoy our private project synchronized with Java Server, with added error repair packages, new features and also our engines! Participate with the report of errors and help us improve them with your contributions and opinions. Together we will create a great stable emulator, optimal and available to everyone!

  • Social Networks!

    Stay informed at all times with our social networks! We currently have several platforms where we will communicate our progress, changes or improvements. In addition, we look for sponsors! Join the desired social network and collaborate with the publicity of our community to obtain exclusive rewards!

  • Mods template free!

    With the new version of our mods engine, we have created a basic mod so you can learn how it works and in the future create your own mods, events and all kinds of customizations for your server without having to modify your core data server! If you want more information, you have doubts or […]

  • We are looking for collaborators!

    In our community we listen to our users and we give them the opportunity to contribute and help us with the development of the emulator and engines. The time you dedicate to us, we will reward you! The most active users and collaborators will obtain exclusive rewards, such as discount coupons, access to hidden sections… […]

  • L2JDevs Project

    Welcome to next generation of server emulator! Activity, stability, adaptation, support, customizations, easy to set up and much more. But we’ll explain! With the high demand and the current inactivity of emulators in the market, we have taken the initiative and continue granting support, development and endless possibilities. We currently have a large team of […]

Much more than a community!

With the high demand and the current inactivity of emulators in the market, we have taken the initiative and continue granting support, development and endless possibilities. We currently have a large team of professionals, in addition to a wide range of services. But what really highlight is the continued development of our projects.
Simply.. the most complete and efficient emulator of all time. What are you waiting for to be part of our community?

Professional Team

We have great developers with years of experience, accredited for their work in Java Server. Serious staff, hardworking and committed to the project and with wanting to leave the bar high.

Stable and Active

Under the base and synchronization with Java Server, they have been repaired bugs reported by users and add new features. Our secret is the activity and perseverance, try it yourself.

GitLab Repositories

From our gitlab project, you can have access to the desired source as long as you have the necessary permissions for it. We also have more alternative projects, guides, downloads..

Joint Collaboration

We hear as many criticisms as contributions, we believe it is vital to listen to our users and help them. The key to our project is the member activity and team collaboration, no more.

Support Team Multilang

We offer several types of support, providing online services to solve all kinds of problems or queries that our users have. Remote control, forum, team speak, telegram, skype ...

Mods Engine Project

We have developed an engine for the creation and modification of the server without the need to edit the source of the server, enabling the creation of new mods, customs, events...

Events Engine

Did you know our Events engine? Now part of the mods engine and is full of new improvements, new events and repairs. Enjoy our new events engine and create your own events!

Geo File Project

We have our own private development for the geographical data of the emulator, with constant updates and repairs. This geodata during the year was going to pieces, and refined.

Why L2JDevs?

We’re working on the official list of fixes and implementations. Stay tunned!

Btw, we’re not just a serverpack provider. In L2JDevs we have a great team working daily in new implementations, L2J bugfixing, researching in official servers, new mods, new events and refactoring the old code. Also, we’re trying new stuff like Kotlin and other libraries. We have been doing this for the last two years but now it’s time to show our work.

Furthermore, we’re a community. Helping you in your server and/or learning new programming skills is great for us!


These are the opinions and opinions of the users who have used our services and products.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we are waiting for you in the forum of our community and in our social networks!

We are waiting for the ratings of our users, soon we will update this board!